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* The bengal cat breed official standard from TICA & CCA/AFC *

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General Description of the bengal cat breed

The Bengal cat is a athletic, curious, confident and friendly cat. Mix of power and agility, the bengal cat coat and head are the most atractive aspect of this breed. The Bengal is never to be mean and show agresivity

Body of the Bengal cat

Long and substantial, not oriental or foreign. Medium to large (but not quite as large as the largest domestic breed)

Legs: Medium length, slightly longer in the back than in the front Feet, Large, round, with prominent knuckles.

Tail: Medium length, thick, tapered at end with rounded tip.

Boning: Sturdy, firm; never delicate.

Musculature:Very muscular, especially in the males, one of the most distinguishing features.

Head of the Bengal cat

Broad modified wedge with rounded contours. Longer than it is wide. Slightly small in proportion to body, but not to be taken to extreme. The skull behind the ears makes a gentle curve and flows into the neck. Allowance to be made for jowls in adult males. Overall look of the head should be as distinct from the domestic cat as possible.

Ears: Ears of the bengals are medium to small, relatively short, with wide base and rounded tops. Set as much on side as top of head, following the contour of the face in the frontal view, and pointing forward in the profile view. Light horizontal furnishings acceptable, but lynx tipping undesirable.

Eyes: Bengals cat eyes should be Oval, almost round. Large, but not bugged. Set wide apart, back into face, and on slight bias toward base of ear. Eye color independent of coat color except in the lynx points. The more richness and depth of color the better.

Chin: Bengal Cat  should have Strong chin, aligns with tip of nose in profile.

Muzzle:Full and broad, with large, prominent whisker pads and high, pronounced cheekbones. Slight muzzle break at the whisker pads.

Nose:Large and wide; slightly puffed nose leather. Profile: Curve of the forehead should flow into the bridge of the nose with no break. Bridge of nose extends above the eyes; the line of the bridge extends to the nose tip, making a very slight, to nearly straight, concave curve.

Neck:The bengal cat have a long, substantial, muscular; in proportion to the head and body.

Coat/pattern of the Bengal cat

Short to medium. Allowance for slightly longer coat in kittens. Dense and luxurious, closelying, unusually soft and silky to the touch.

COLOR & PATERN OF THE BENGALS ARE: Spotted or marbled.

Spotted:Spots shall be random, or aligned horizontally. Rosettes showing two distinct colors or shades, such as paw print shaped, arrowhead shaped, doughnut or half-doughnut shaped or clustered are preferred to single spotting but not required. Contrast with ground color must be extreme, giving distinct pattern and sharp edges. Strong, bold chin strap and mascara markings desirable. Virtually white undersides and belly desirable. Blotchy horizontal shoulder streaks, spotted legs and spotted or rosetted tail are desirable. Belly must be spotted.


The goal of the Bengal cat breeding program is to create a domestic cat which has physical features distinctive to the small forest-dwelling wildcats, and with the loving, dependable temperament of the domestic cat. Keeping this goal in mind, judges shall give special merit to those characteristics in the appearance of the Bengal which are distinct from those found in other domestic cat breeds. A Bengal cat is an athletic animal, alert to its surroundings; a friendly, curious, confident cat with strength, agility, balance and grace. It is a medium to large cat which exhibits a very muscular and solid build. Its wide nose with prominent whisker pads and large oval, almost round eyes in a slightly small head enhance the wild appearance and expressive nocturnal look. Its very slight, to nearly straight, concave profile and relatively short ears with wide base and rounded tops add to the Bengal cat distinctive and unique appearance. The short, dense coat has a uniquely soft.


Bengal cat breed standard picture

* The Bengal cat is still ongoing evolution *

Today bengal cat  breeder are working hard to make the bengal cat to a next level, trying to have white tummy, big sized jet black outline tricolor rosettes with awsome contrast, no barring, spotted on 4 legs, rosettes tail, Wild Head and more !!!!!!!

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