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Marie Bengal is a T.I.C.A, CCA/AFC & T.I.B.C.S, fully legal, Inspected and approved Bengal breeder near Ottawa, Canada.

We are passionate about Bengal cat, Our Bengals are part of our family and live without cage. Our goal is to offer you real small house leopard without his aggressive behaviour and offer only top quality Bengal cats. We are specialise in (Jet black Big rosettes) tricolor Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby.(Real leopard patterns)

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We have made enormous research to select breeding Bengal studs and queens of superior quality from top champion bloodlines. This assures us of having fabulous bengal kittens with a high show/breeder ratio. Our goal is to help bring the Bengal race to a higher level such as small rounded ears, white tummy, large eyes outlined in white goggles, deep chin spotted legs, wild walk and non-fading big jet black rosettes on light golden short and clear background coat.All our Bengal studs and Queens and their kittens are registered T.I.C.A. At Marie Bengal we care about the health of our cats and kittens. They are all vaccinated, fully dewormed  and are seen by a veterinarian often. We guarantee a bengal cat without any disease and parasites. None of our cats go's outside. Our Bengal cattery is tests negative to FeLV / FIV,Tritrichomonas, giardia and coccidiosis and came from HCM negative parents and our own studs are tested yearly for HCM. We guarantee an excellent lifetime after-sales service. If you have any questions feel free to contact-us.

We wish you a very good visit at Marie Bengal.

What is a Bengal cat ?

Our Bengal cattery is located in Grenville, Canada just beside Ontario / Quebec border (1 hour from Ottawa & Montreal)

2 minutes from Hawkesbury, Ontario

**  We ship our Bengal Cat worldwide**

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