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  Marie Bengal kitten and cats for sale

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Bengal cat and bengals kitten for sale in ottawa


Terms we use

Means, this Bengal kitten is now available so feel free to enquire.

Means, this kitten  is on hold but might become available later on.

Means that we are keeping this kitten for our breeding program, will stay at MarieBengal.

Means, this Bengal kitten is sold and no longer available .

selling bengal cat in China, indonesia, russia, south korea. 


***   Kittens born on the 29th August ***

here are the parents of our bengal kitten for sale

bengals cats

forever bengal cat

bengal breeding stud

marie bengal breeding queen

kitten for sale

stunning bengal kitten for sale


***   Kittens born on the 10th September  ***

here are the parents of our bengal kitten for sale


tropical bengal cat

bengal cat stud

marie bengal queens

kitten for sale

bengal kitten female 1


***   Kittens born on the 17th October  ***

here are the parents of our bengal kitten for sale


Gold N Black bengal cat

bengal cat stud

marie bengal Golden queen

kitten male 2

Kittens for sale


***   Kittens born on the 22th October  ***

Voici les parent de nos chatons bengal a vendre


so stunning bengal cat

bengal male reproducteur

chatte du bengal

female kitten sold

bengal kitten for sale

male 1 snow bengal for sale

snow bengal kitten for sale

bengal cat for sale

male 3 for sale

kitten for sale

male 4 for sale

male 5 for sale

bengal kitten available for sale  


gift certificate marie bengal



MarieBengal = Only Top Quality Bengal kittens

bengal kitten and cats for sale ontario-ottawa

Marie Bengal cattery is known worldwide for breeding only top quality bengal cats, we are  fully registered cattery (TICA 19340). We are also certified as a real & legal Canadien cattery (NEQ : 3369135002). 

After a complete inspection of our cattery, we also received the government MAPAQ  certification  and permit  :)

We ship worldwide, up to date we have shipped show/breeders Bengals in 34 differents countries around the world.

bengal cat for china, russia, south korea, switzerland, indonesia and worldwide.

 All our bengal studs were tested HCM normal on September 16th  by cardiologist  DR. Jean-Sébastien Boileau.




réservez votre chaton bengal maintenant pour avoir priorité sur les porté

Reservations of a family pet kittens : - Our Bengal kittens and cats can be reserved with a deposit of 250$, the remaining will be ask when the kitten leave our cattery near 12 weeks of age. You can also reserve a spot on our reservation list if you prefer to have your kitten later this year and be sure to have kittens to choose from. 

Show/Breeders -We do not hold a waiting list for show/breeding kittens, theses kittens will be sold after the evaluation process to the selected breeders that show us interest on a particular kitten on first ask first served basis, so please contact-us while the kittens are still Under Evaluation , Pending or Available.



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Bengal Breed Standard

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 Bengal Cat breeder registered TICA, CCA/AFC & TIBCS

MarieBengal est une enregistré cca/afcChatterie de Bengals enregistré TICAmarie bengal est enregistré a la T.I.B.C  MAPAQ inspected bengal cattery

Bengal cat and kittens from international Champion bloodline

FeLV & FIV Negative bengal breeder

warranty HCM Negative bengals

warranty: congenital desease

Tritrichomonas & Giardios Negative

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