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Here are the price of our Bengal cat

price of a bengal cat and bengal kitten

Bengal Cat as a top quality familly pet

--The price of our Bengal cats and kitten as a pet are: 1200$ and Up.

Bengal Cat for Breeding / Showing

--The price for a  bengal cat for Show / breeder are :  contact us

** We now also accept credit card payment directly at our cattery **

marie bengal accept credit card payment marie bengal accept email transfer at our bengal cattery

**All the prices on this site are in Canadien currency (CAD)

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bengal kitten and bengal cat for sale in Ottawa, Ontario


The price of our Bengal kitten includ :

--Registered at T.I.C.A with certificat and full Pedigree

-- Electronic International ISO Microchips.

-- International Health Certificat.

-- Vaccination. (Fel-O-Vax PCT)

-- Fully dewormed kitten

-- Kitten is warranty against virus.

-- Kitten is warranty against congenitals desease.

-- Kitten is warranty to be HCM normal.

-- Kitten is warranty to be fertile. (Breeder)

-- starting kit, toys, food, etc...(For Local clients)

--  MarieBengal book with all the informations on the bengal cat breed.

-- Health care Sheet for your bengal kitten.

-- Perfect after sell service for life time 24h/7 !!!


Reservation of your Bengal Cat

Reservation deposit:

 --A sum of 250$ is required for reserving / booking a kitten as a pet, 

--we don't take upfront reservation deposit from other breeders, please contact us.

Kitten possession date

--The remaining amount for the book kitten is ask when the kitten leave our cattery.

--kittens that stay in North America leave our cattery from 12 to 14 weeks of age.

--kittens that is going Internationally leave our cattery at 16 weeks of age or later depending of the countries rules.


Nos chat bengal du Quebec jusqua vous

*** Our Bengal Cat can be ship Worldwide ***

If you live in United States, China or anywhere else outside Canada, no problem we take care of everything. We pay for ISO Microchips, international health certificate, rabies vaccination and the trasportation flght kennel...All you have to pay is the flight ticket,  We ship many kittens in a year so now we have special price rate from most airline companies. Our kitten are confortable and all set up for having a good and stress free flight experience from Canada to you :>))

We have experience shipping Bengal kittens in now  34 countries : South Korea, Indonesia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Switzerland, France, China, Mexico, Malaysia, USA, Russia, Norway, Netherlands, Australia, Poland, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand,South Africa, Spain, Finland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, India, peru, Ecuador, Greece, Italy, Ukrain....and the list is always growing...We never had any problem's what so ever when shipping internationally :)

*** We  also do 180 days quarantine procedure and rabies blood titer test for bengal kittens leaving to Japan, Taiwan,  Australia and any other Countries that required it, we only do 3 kittens quarentine per year so please contact us to see if we accpet to do it at this time or to be advise when we will do more.


 Marie Bengal  offer top quality Bengal cats. We will never overestimate our kittens.We evaluate and price each kittens honestly based onthe officiel Bengal cat standards. All Picture on our website are real and not modified, they are much nicer in real,we suggest to visit them by yourself at our cattery.


Bengal cat for breeding

--We are a closed cattery and we do not offer studs service and never will for all kinds of reasons so please don't bother to ask.

--To protect the breed we sell breeding cats only to serious breeder.

--For Marie Bengal a Show/breeder is a bengal that meet seriously or over pass the officiel breed standard.

--For the well being of our kittens we carefully select our clients.


* Authorized Reservation Deposit Only *

** To make it easier we accept all major credit cards, paypal, Western Union and interact transfer  **

Reservation with PayPal & Credit Cards

(Paypal fee will be added automatically)


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Bengal Cat for sale

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Bengal Breed Standard

2 small bengal cats

Inspected Bengal Cattery & Fully Registered 

MarieBengal est une enregistré cca/afcChatterie de Bengals enregistré TICAmarie bengal est enregistré a la T.I.B.C MAPAQ inspected bengal cattery

Bengal cat from Champion bloodline

FeLV & FIV Negative breeder

 kitten warranty for  HCM

kitten  warranty: congenital desease

Tritrichomonas & Giardios Negative

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