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What is a Bengal Cat ?

The Bengal: A Mix of leopard and a Cat...

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In Short

The Bengal is a unique race and have nothing to do with normal cats.When you take all the intriguing qualities of the wildcat, the character, the Look,the movement, and the high Intelligence and add the gentle and loving nature of a normal house cat you have the Bengal cat. Jean Mill dreamed this for a long time, and now she achieved it :>)) 

History of the Bengal Cat

The Bengal cat is the result of various crosses made by a California breeder, Mrs. Jean Mill who dreamed of creating a domestic cat with all the physical characteristics of a genuine feline Bengalensis and moral qualities of a kitten home. After various cross conducted in 1963 from domestic cats and leopards males in Asia which gives today's dress designs of Bengal.

Look of the bengal Cat

The bengal cat, during his childhood, his dress is undergoing a period of "fuzzy" as camouflage for Wild animals in the nature.The Bengal is covered with long gray/black hair,so its realy hard to know wath color this bengal cat will take latter, and the fuzzy stage can last till 6 months of age.

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The dress of Bengal is slow to develop can take up to two years to become final. There are several kinds of model: the spots, mottled and rosettes (bicolore task is open or closed). These are the rosettes (task clear inside a circle darker), which are most sought. The Bengal is the only breed of cat to have rosettes. Its fur is exceptionally soft, silky and velvet to the touch. Under the light the Bengal cat appears covered with a thin layer of gold dust.

Temperament of the bengal Cat

Me the Bengal Cat : Because of my wild ancestor, me bengal cat I inherited the love of the water I'm fascinated by it. So dont be surprised if I just fallow you in the shower or bath. I am curious, likes to climb and perch myself in height, I have my very active period Power Tripe to spend my too full of energy. I am very sociable, affectionate and loves the company of other animals. I am a little leopard luxury without having its aggressive nature. I love to communicate with people when you hear me you'll see by yourself that I am not an ordinary cat because my voice does not sound like a cat. I am endowed with great intelligence with a little practice you can teach me several things.If you work alots and have no time for me, i may be not the good cat for you, or you can buy me a little sister or brother to play with. I was lucky to be born in a good cattery and have good breeders who let me live with their families, which help me to socialized with humans, these are the reason why I can and want to live with the person or family who wont to adopt me !!!

Bengal Cat,

See you soon xx


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